Spread Blueberry Chutney over baguettes. Liberally sprinkle goat cheese over chutney. Broil until cheese melts slightly, serve.

Chutney ‘n’ Cheese Quickie

1 8oz. pkg light cream cheese 1 jar of chutney (Rhubarb or Blueberry) Crackers or baguette slices. Spread chutney over cheese on a serving plate. Spread on crackers, pita, or baguettes

Two Dipping Ideas

Sauce for veggie stix, fruit or meats Equal portions of chutney and mayo or Plain yogurt Bread dippers Use 2 TBS of vinegar and 1 TBS. olive oil (you may want to add a sprinkle of sugar to the elderberry/pear vinegar

Farmhouse Crunch

Sprinkle over yogurt, ice cream or cheesecake. Put on your salad greens and drizzle with the Blueberry vinegar straight out of the bottle Ummmmmmmm

Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Use mushroom caps or a large portabella Sprinkle mushrooms with olive oil, until well coated. Place on a baking sheet. Spoon chutney of choice into the caps, Sprinkle with cheese of choice and bake For 10-15 min.

Blueberry Vinegar “Sweet ‘n’ Spicy

Great served with salad greens right out of the bottle! Also try on roasted root veggies with a sprinkling of roasted pine nuts liberally sprinkled over. Gooseberry Vinegar is also just as wonderful; Add a small amount of sugar or honey to the Elderberry/Pear.


Use vinegars as marinades right out of the Bottle.

Harvard Beets in Blue

5-6 medium beets, cooked and diced 1 green onion, sautéed in olive oil 1 cup of blueberry vinegar 2 TBS cornstarch in 1 TBS cold vinegar Add vinegar to sautéed onion, bring to a boil, mix in cornstarch, stir until thickened. Add diced beets and let sit several hours to blend flavors.

Blueberry Vinegar Reduction

Mix with equal amounts of broth and cook until thick. Pour over grilled salmon, meats, rice, vegetables


4 TBS Gooseberry Vinegar mixed with 1 TBS of maple syrup makes an amazing marinade or dipping taste treat. Try dipping sweet potato fries in it or combine with caramelized red onions, or sprinkle over grilled veggies for a summer get together. Blueberry vinegar in a bowl with fresh strawberries and wedge of Yancey’s Fancy Strawberry Chardonnay Finger Lakes Cheese will become this year’s legend of easy entertaining. Of course you can always add a little olive oil and fresh herbs to any of the Hill ‘n’ Hollow vinegars and dip sour dough bread for the treat that always feels good on your tongue.

Quick ‘n Easy breakfast burritos:

Sauté 2 green onions, thinly sliced, a bit of sausage, bacon or ham, if desired. Add 3 eggs, mixed well, scramble – add grated cheese of choice. Warm 4 flat corn taco shells, slightly, spread with Hill ‘n’ Hollow Tomato Chutney, spoon egg mixture over and roll up. Dip into a bowl of additional tomato chutney for an easy, pick up and go breakfast. Quick appetizers using a package of refrigerated crescent roll (the kind in a tube): open container, unroll so two triangles are together on a cookie sheet. 1. Slice Brie cheese in the middle of one of the rectangles, spoon blueberry chutney over the cheese. Cover with the other rectangle, seal edges with a bit of water. Bake as directed. 2. leave two triangles attached so you have two rectangles on a cookie sheet. Bake as directed; when cool, spread with any of the following combinations: A. A mixture of Greek yogurt, Olive Oil mayo and green onions, spread over the crust, spoon Tomato Chutney on top, cut into squares and garnish with black olives or fresh mozzarella cheese. B. Blueberry Chutney and goat cheese C. chopped hard boiled egg and Rhubarb Chutney (kind of like a deviled egg on crust!)

Old-fashion Boiled Dressing with Gooseberry Vinegar:

Separate 5 eggs, you will use the yolks and save the whites for another purpose. Whisk 5 egg yolks, 1 TBS. of mustard (your choice) and 1 TBS honey or agave nectar together until well mixed. Add a 6oz. bottle of Gooseberry Vinegar and salt and pepper. Cook, stirring frequently until thick – about 10 min. You can add 1 TBS. of canola oil if desired. This dressing can be used for many dishes; I will include two of our favorites here;

Hot German type potato salad:

6 cups of warm, diced, cooked, new potatoes and sweet potatoes. 5-6 strips of bacon, diced and fried until crisp. Add: ¾ cup diced scallions, to the bacon grease and sauté until done. Add to the potatoes. Then add enough boiled dressing until you reach the desired consistency your family desires.


Sauté ½ cup scallions in 1 TBS olive oil, cook until tender but not crisp. Add 1 package of Broccoli Slaw, stir into scallions and sauté until the color begins to brighten. Stir in enough boiled dressing to coat. Add ½ cup of diced pickled beets that have been thoroughly drained just before serving.