Today is the 19th of January and I have been putting off a job long enough, too long actually. I have procrastinated and of course pick the worse day of the week to do the deed. Finally I can say the strawberries and garlic are mulched. I feel guilty and apologized heartily to the plants and I tucked them in. Hopefully with this frigid weather they are feeling a bit warmer.

The rule of thumb is to wait until Thanksgiving time (in our area of WNY) to mulch, that gives the ground a chance to freeze and toughen up the plants. The mulch protects the roots from heaving and working out of the soil as the ground freezes and thaws repeatedly. The other rule of thumb is to wait until the Forsythia blooms to remove the mulch.

This is a bit of a problem this year **HINT: if you read this blog often enough you will get the idea that I have quirky ideas of what problems are. If you remember the end of October we had a warm spell. I was out and about and happened to notice my Forsythia was in almost full bloom. HMMMM? If I follow the rule of thumb; I have to remove the mulch I haven’t put on yet – how is this supposed to work? And come to think of it how does Mother Nature work?

The good news and the bad: the berries are mulched and the bad news is that it may be too little too late. Time will tell and until that time comes we will enjoy the strawberries that are still in the freezer. Strawberry shortcake anyone?