Positive Thinking

I wake up grumpy when I look out the window and see another dusting of snow. OK I think – I can’t deal with this winter any longer. The kid in me sings “Winter, Winter go away – come again another day” then thumb my nose “na na – na na na” I need a an action plan!

I can’t spring clean because the never ending sanding of oak beams is still in progress. I have kept the sewing machine so busy it is on strike. The freezers are full of cookies. Too much snow on the ground to prune berries.

Edgy, edgy, I am just edgy. All my seeds have arrived so I decide to create a new filing system. At least that is a step forward!!! I’ll list in order of planting dates and put a FIRM “To Plant” Date on each header. I was gifted the perfect wire basket with a burlap liner at Christmas time, the gift that will keep on giving. I will have so many tomato plants (once this nightmare of a winter is over) I can pass them on to every person I know.

Yeah, that’s a plan Pat! Now quit talking about it and do it -Just Do It! (where have I heard that saying before)?