Bird by Bird

In one of Annie Lamont’s books she wrote about her young brother being overwhelmed by a research project about birds. He fussed and stewed and just couldn’t see how he would ever begin say nothing about end it. Their Dad told him “You attack this project “Bird by Bird” just as you should solve any problem. Don’t look at the whole project just take it piece by piece, doing the best you can and soon the entire project will be finished. that has become one of my daughter’s and my secret message. When life gets too crazy take it ‘bird by bird’.
With that said I want to ask you how you attack spring house cleaning? One friend said she begins the first day of Lent and cleans out 1 thing daily and when Easter comes she is done for the year, no matter how many more things need doing. A beginning and an ending date – sounds good. Each day you feel good about one thing accomplished.
How do you reason out the things you really hate doing? There are a lot of silly “Take this survey to find out what your ………..Is.” I want one about spring house cleaning and what category I would fall under. Bet that would be scary!