Monthly Archives: June 2014


The deer think our farm is a playground. They skip, hop, jump, even look in our living room window on occasion to see what we are up to. I know what they are up to; our apple and pear trees are totally eaten in a line all the way around. Blueberry bushes are eaten and in the fall the buck rub their velvet antlers in the middle of the bushes – I suppose to itch?

I came out of the blueberry patch with the lawnmower to see a deer standing on hind legs stretching as far as possible up and into a mulberry tree to get the best of the best, I suppose. I told my barely 3 year old grand daughter Ellie about it. Ellie pulled up her shirt, stretched on her tip toes and stated; “Gramma, she is just exercising her core.” Well guess I learned my lesson again, you just never know about deer or the exercise program they may be on.