Monthly Archives: March 2014

Positive Thinking

I wake up grumpy when I look out the window and see another dusting of snow. OK I think – I can’t deal with this winter any longer. The kid in me sings “Winter, Winter go away – come again another day” then thumb my nose “na na – na na na” I need a an action plan!

I can’t spring clean because the never ending sanding of oak beams is still in progress. I have kept the sewing machine so busy it is on strike. The freezers are full of cookies. Too much snow on the ground to prune berries.

Edgy, edgy, I am just edgy. All my seeds have arrived so I decide to create a new filing system. At least that is a step forward!!! I’ll list in order of planting dates and put a FIRM “To Plant” Date on each header. I was gifted the perfect wire basket with a burlap liner at Christmas time, the gift that will keep on giving. I will have so many tomato plants (once this nightmare of a winter is over) I can pass them on to every person I know.

Yeah, that’s a plan Pat! Now quit talking about it and do it -Just Do It! (where have I heard that saying before)?

Family Traits

God Bless the internet, e-mail and Skype! Here is a run down of my family so you can see how important these resources are in my life.

1. I am the oldest of 7 “McGee” kids. We grew up in a small country hamlet and we all have a strange sense of humor.
2. My husband and I have 6 children that are spread near and far – mostly far. Currently the furthest is Austria – but that could change on a moments notice.
3. We have many grand kids, great grand kids, cousins and farm friends who feel like they are family that are also spread across the globe. The miracle is that we keep in touch.
4. We have college age, retirees, babies, artists, musicians, writers, farmers, blue collar workers; no words can explain this bunch. One of my son-in-laws came the closest when he said “They are all normal – only half a kink off.”
5. We all suffer from the same thing: cabin fever, which has a multiplier effect this time of year. When our lives are running rapidly in opposite directions we all get weirder and frantic, the need to connect is almost over powering.

A couple of years ago one of my sibs began an e-mail conversation that we were all copied on. It began as ‘do you remember when?’ and everyone chimed in with a variety of idiotic comments. It soon developed into craziness that on one other than our family would begin to understand; family pets, long dead even had voices. First of all, the lack of logic to the comments is hilarious to us all and additional remembered nonsense makes Dr. Seuss look like a beginner. We are sarcastic to the point of being rude but well meaning in our own strange world and no offense is taken. The end result is we get to enjoy each other plus have a few belly laughs and get through the remaining weeks of winter. It keeps family and friends connected and gives us the platform to talk on and on about nothing. That is what we all do best!