Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Kitchen Table

It seems our kitchen table is the ‘Queen Bee’ of our home. Anyone coming to our place enters through the backdoor. (front doors are for salesmen and UPS deliveries – well not even, now the UPS guy comes to the backdoor too). The first thing you bump into is the kitchen table and that is as far as anyone gets. It is piled high, at the moment, with the job of gathering & listing for the IRS tally. In the past few weeks it was seed catalogs and auction notices.

If the table could talk, it would tell you of past burdens and responsibilities of holding up the stacks accumulated from our 6 children’s 4-H, craft, school ‘special award’ projects, saying nothing of homework and three meals a day plus snack time. I’m sure its legs tired of the never ending job of being the center of every family activity. But those legs were also soothed by the cats and dogs that wrapped their bodies around said legs while waiting patiently for projects to cease so fun outdoor life could begin.

We now have new kitchen cupboards, a new floor and a new table. I imagine the conversation between the old and new kitchen tables would have been priceless if we could understand table talk. The new table’s job will be the same only different. The new table has graced meals for the kids returning over the holidays with grand and great grandchildren. Lately it seems a new card game with various friends and neighbors has whiled away the winter hours on weekends.

The Queen Bee of our home could tell tales of farming decisions, family secrets big and not so big plus dilemmas that face every family which met final approval around the kitchen table.. Family traditions all seem to feature food, practical jokes, tons of stories and laughter, sometimes heartbreak too and all are centered around the kitchen table. This new table is strong and ready for its job, daunting though it may be.